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Scharfenaker Urban Architecture offers a range of design and consulting services for Private Clients, Developers and other Architects.  Consultant teams are selected from our extensive network of specialty designers to meet the needs of each project. Services include:

  • Architectural Design

    • Project Programming

    • Site Analysis and Feasibility Studies

    • Concept and Schematic Designs

    • Complete A&E contract documents

    • Construction Review

  • Project Management

    • Representing the interests of Owner, Developer or Prime Architect

    • Assembling and leading the design team to meet project goals

    • Managing project legal and financial performance

  • Coordinated Negotiations and Team Building

    • Vetting, Selection and Negotiations for Specialty Designers and Consultants

      • Architecture & Engineering

      • Interior Design

      • Landscaping

      • Signage & Graphics

      • Lighting

      • Water Feature

      • Market and Economic Research

  • Design Workshops and Strategic Planning Sessions

    • Coordinate and lead, or participate in collaborative workshops for:

    • Exploring the project vision and program,

    • Branding and Marketing efforts

    • Project Approval Strategies

  • Peer Review and Quality Control

    • Review of contracts and design progress

    • Review interim cost estimates and requests for payment

    • Review of proposals, bids and requests for payment

    • Review of construction to meet design requirements



Types of Agreements


Scharfenaker Urban Architecture provides services under three basic arrangements:

Owner-Architect Agreement:

As a licensed Architect in California and Colorado, Scharfenaker Urban Architecture can provide standard Architectural and Engineering services under a single Owner-Architect Agreement.

Owner-Consultant Agreement:

For use when the Owner has retained a Prime Architect, and wants Scharfenaker Urban Architecture to represent the Owner’s interest in organizing and managing a project, or desires specific limited consulting services. This is useful for US or foreign projects, where documents must be prepared by a local Architect having legal jurisdiction.

Architect-Consultant Agreement:

For use when Scharfenaker Urban Architecture consults directly to a Prime Architect retained separately by an Owner.  This is useful for US or foreign projects, where documents must be prepared by a local Architect having legal jurisdiction. 

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